Level Explorer 2 is the sequal to the first Level Explorer (better known as Level Explorer Classic).


In Level Explorer 2, you reprise the role of a stick figure, also known as Stickman. After fixing up some code, the developers of LEC decided to make Level Explorer 2, but with improved gameplay. At the original release, the game had no storyline: the player just picked a map to play. There were 5 maps at the original release, all with the goal of getting to the end of each map. However, future updates would include new maps, features, and game types. The graphical style was intended to make LE2 look like an old Atari game.


After about a month and a half of release, the developers felt like they didn't put enough work into the original release, with having only 5 maps and no features whatsoever. They then decided to begin a series of updates that included new maps and features which lasted until shortly after LE2's first birthday. The game is no longer recieving new content since Level Explorer 3 is in development, however players can look forward to bugfixes.

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